Natural hot springs, which used to be a remedy for toki, the Japanese crested ibis

A blissful moment in abundant, hot water, reminiscent of the legend about the injured Japanese crested ibises, or toki, who came to bathe. Ease your fatigue and enjoy the moist, soft texture of the hot-spring-fed waters.

Outdoor Baths

We offer outdoor baths with views of the ever-changing scenes of the seasons: spring green, red and yellow autumn leaves, and snow. Additional outdoor baths available for private and family use.

Outdoor baths in Main Building
Outdoor bath for private use
Outdoor bath (Yasuragi no Yu: Bath of Comfort)

Large Bathrooms

Soft sunlight streams through a wide, floor-to-ceiling window in a large bathroom located in the Annex. The hexagonal floor and columns provide an exotic feel.

Large Bathroom in New Building
Large Bathroom in Main Building
Hot Spring
Hot Spring
Sodium chloride (mildly alkaline, hypotonic and high-temperatured hot spring)
Hot Spring
Considered a remedy for neuralgia, muscle pain, burn injuries, chronic skin diseases, chronic gynopathy, etc.
Large hot spa bath with outdoor baths / Outdoor baths for private use on the ground floor of the Annex and in the basement of the Main Building / Second floor of the Main Building
3:00pm-11:30pm / 6:00am-9:00am

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