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Please enjoy the taste of the Sea of Japan to your heart's content.

Enjoy a variety of seafood each season to your heart's content.

The pleasure of traveling, it is still a taste.
We will do our best to bring a variety of seafood to your table for each season that has just been landed.
Please enjoy the seasonal ingredients of Sado.
  • Dinner

    From the fresh seafood caught in the sea near Sado, we carefully select the ingredients that are particular about Made in Sado
    Please enjoy the taste that can only be experienced here.

    *The dishes are subject to change depending on the purchase situation and the season.
    The photo is an example.
    • Supper menu example


      Pickled squid/Smoked saury/Steamed shrimp grip

      Medium plate

      Red snow crab

      Steamed food

      Savory egg custard


      Hatahata pot

      Fried food

      Seasonal vegetable tempura

      Grilled Dish

      Grilled flatfish with salt


      flounder/Red sea bream/Pandalidae(All from Made in Sado)


      Sado Shiizaki’s Koshihikari


      Nagamo miso soup


      Assortment of three points

      Water confectionery

      Okesa Persimmon Shah Bed
  • Breakfast

    Breakfast at the property is served at a Japanese buffet or a Japanese set.
    Please enjoy the dishes that are simple but stick to local ingredients.
    *Menu changes depending on the day.
  • passion

    Hotel New Katsura, from Sado City, have been certified to aggressively deal with the food and food of Made in Sado Sado Product Shop SADOMESHIRUN
    We are waiting for you to prepare meals that are particular about Made in Sado, such as seafood such as abalone, sazae, and southern barbarian shrimp, and rice from Made in Sado Koshihikari

Local sake from Sado.We have 4 warehouses.

We have a selection of local sake from Sado that will add color to your dishes.
Please enjoy eating.
  • 【Pure rice cold sake】Sado no Yusui Manotsuru(Obata Sake Brewery)

    It has a light taste with a sense of transparency while being mild.
    Please enjoy it cold.
  • 【Ordinary sake】Kinboshi Hokusetsu(Hokusetsu Brewery)

    You can enjoy it hot or cold.
    Clean and dry that you won't get tired of drinking.
  • 【Raw sake】Tennama Tenryohai(Tenryohai Sake Brewery)

    It has a freshly squeezed, fruity scent and is popular with women as "easy to drink".
  • 【Main brewing】Ten no Yuzuru Kintsuru(Kato Shuzoten)

    Sake brewing that sticks to good water and handmade.
    A refreshing liquor that makes the best use of the goodness of water.