Toki no Sato Sado Izaki Onsen Hotel New Katsura

5 minutes by car from Ryotsu Port Port Osado Sado, Lake Kamo, and Ryotsu Bay boast a panoramic view.

Hotel New Katsura is located on a hill overlooking Lake Kamo Kamo, close to Ryotsu Port.

Red ibises descend on the rice fields in front of the hotel, and you can even see them pecking at food in flocks.

Beyond the rice fields, Ryotsu Bay spreads out, and large ferries depart gracefully.

The lake spreading out in the background is Lake Kamo, the only lake in Niigata Prefecture.

And Osado Mountain Range towering beyond that.

Please enjoy the panoramic view of everything that Sado is proud of.


  • Thank you for visiting the website of Hotel New Katsura.

    This facility is a hot spring inn built on a hill between Ryotsu Bay, which is the gateway to Sado Island, and Lake Kamo, which boasts the only size in Niigata Prefecture.

    We would like to become an inn that can convey the charm of Sado, which is full of history and nature, to our customers as much as possible.
    Sado's charm is that it shows various faces in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
    You can enjoy it no matter how many times you come next time in a different season.

    At this facility, we would like to maximize the appeal of Sado to our customers through meals and staff.
    We look forward to seeing you and look forward to working with you.

    Service manager:Terumi Watanabe/Young service manager:Asuka Watanabe

Information inside this facility

  • lobby

    View of a superb location.

    Binoculars are available in the lobby and rooms overlooking Lake Kamo.
    Can you find Toki flying in the sky !?
    Some sofas have been laid out on the window side so that you can enjoy the view of Lake Kamo.
  • Rooftop space

    From the rooftop, you can see Lake Kamo, which is the only size in Niigata prefecture, paddy fields where rice is grown for meals, and Ryotsu Bay, which is the gateway to Sado Island.
    You can also enjoy the starry sky on a clear day.
  • shop

    We have a large selection of Sado specialties that are fun just to look at.
    As a memory of your trip or as a souvenir for your close friends.
    Please find your favorite one.
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Hotel New Katsura


696-1 Harakuro, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture

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5 minutes by car from Ryotsu Port.(Free parking available)
There is a free transfer.Please see "Transportation Information" below.
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If you have any questions, please contact us.